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+ Main topic: Effective communication and listening

+ Related topics: cooperation and teamwork; leadership; assertiveness; attitudes and behaviours

+ Training length:  30 – 50 minutes (including debrief)

+ Included: 32 duplo bricks in different shapes, sizes and colours, 7 criteria cards with roles, trainer information sheet, briefing and debriefings instructions

+ Number of participants: 4 – 7 participants per set

+ Shipping: We ship your products within 5 working days.

Additional information

DUPLO© is a great tool for exploring the many factors that can help or hinder effective communication. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how their behaviours and attitudes impact communication and how they can improve. Participants will practice effective listening, and examine the consequences of poor listening skills.

DUPLO© is a valuable tool for anyone looking to sharpen their communication skills and achieve better outcomes in their interactions with others.

In this exercise, participants must build a tower out of DUPLO bricks. Several criteria dictates how the tower must be built. You assign each participant role to play during the exercise. This challenge will help understand the importance of effective communication and how our attitudes and behaviours can impact the team’s success.

We include thorough debriefing instructions to help you provide an impactful debriefing and ensure you pass on the key learning points.

You can with great benefit use our DUPLO© exercise with our lesson plan on effective communication and listening.

Note: This exercise is licensed for in-house training. You may not use it for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

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