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CRM Trainer Core Course

A 5-day Crew Resource Management Trainer (CRMT/CRMI) course. This course is designed for you who want to obtain certification as a CRM instructor. You will gain the necessary skills and certification to conduct CRM training. We comply with EASA, ICAO, FAA, CAA and other major regulatory bodies.

CRM Trainer Refresher Course

Choose between our 1-day and 3-day CRMT Refresher Course. The courses are for you who have a CRMT certification and need a Refresher to stay compliant or for you who wish to become a better facilitator. Both courses are delivered in full compliance with EASA, CAA and FAA.

Human Performance and Limitations Course

Our 1-day HPL course will help you take your first step in achieving a CRM trainer certification. This course will provide all the necessary HPL elements to meet EASA regulations for CRM trainers. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of human performance, human factors, and flight psychology.

CRM Course For Line Training Captains

Our 1-day Line Training Captain CRM course deals with the teaching and learning principles necessary to carry out the role of a Line Trainer/Line Checker. The course includes theories of how students learn and handover techniques to evaluate your students’ CRM skills (NOTEHCS).

Maintenance Human Factors Trainer Course

This 5-day Maintenance Human Factors Trainer Course is for you who wish to obtain certification in delivering Human Factors Training for maintenance personnel. The course content fulfils the error management and human factors requirements within EASA Part-145.

Teaching and Learning Course for SFI/TRI

Our 3-day (25 hours) Teaching and Learning Course is for you who want to gain the necessary certification and competencies to become a Type Rating Instructor (SFI/TRI). This course focuses on the learning process and the essential teaching and feedback techniques.

Train the Trainer Course

Our 2-day Train the Trainer course is tailored for ground instructors working in the aviation industry. The TTT course focuses on real-world applications and offers plenty of hands-on practice to deliver effective and impactful training sessions.

On-demand CRM Courses

NaviMinds offers a wide range of bespoke CRM courses to support airlines with any training requirements that cannot be met by our standard courses. Our tailored courses include CRM Initial and Recurrent training, Conversion courses, Command Upgrade Training and more.

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