Crew Resource Management Recurrent Training

Course overview

Our one-day (8-hour) Crew Resource Management (CRM) recurrent training is designed specifically for flight and cabin crew members. Through role plays, group discussions, and interactive exercises, we instil a safety-first mindset and enhance key non-technical skills.

At NaviMinds, we recognise that each organisation is unique. Our CRM recurrent program is customised to fit your specific operational environment, ensuring relevance and practicality. Aligned with your company’s three-year CRM cycle, our training guarantees the highest quality, whether you need a single session or a long-term partnership.

Our experienced facilitators develop bespoke, company-specific training programs that are both engaging and effective. We include thought-provoking case studies and exercises that resonate with your crew’s real-world experiences.

Over three years, participants attend a 1-day course annually, minimising disruption to your operations while maximising training effectiveness. Each year’s module is tailored to your organisation’s needs and complies with EASA regulations, giving you full control over your training experience.

Training can be delivered at our Copenhagen-based centre, via live online sessions, or at your in-house facility.

crew resource management recurrent training

About the course

Module 1:

  • CRM principles and objectives
  • Human factos in aviation
  • Human factor related incidents
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Stress and stress management
  • Information acquisition and processing – shared and individual
  • Human error and reliability
  • Effective communication and coordination 
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Organisational factors
  • Factors linked to the type of operations
  • Case studies


Module 2

  • Automation and philosophy on the use of automation
  • Monitoring and intervention
  • Fatigue and vigilance
  • Situational awareness – shared and individual
  • Resilience development and mental flexibility
  • Surprise and startle effect
  • Case studies


Module 3

  • Personality awareness, attitudes and behaviours
  • Assertiveness, self-assessment and self-critique
  • Decision-making and actions
  • Threat and error management
  • Leadership, cooperation, synergy and delegation
  • Workload management
  • Cultural differences
  • Company culture and operators safety culture
  • Case studies

The recurrent Crew Resource Management training is designed to provide trainees with a heightened understanding of CRM principles, emphasising teamwork, communication, threat and error management, decision-making, situational awareness, and stress and workload management.

The training includes practical and interactive lessons to help participants learn CRM methods and tools. It involves using case studies from the aviation industry and applying them to future tasks.

  • Training by airline-experienced CRM facilitators
  • In-person, online or in-house training options
  • Operationally relevant case studies
  • Certificate upon completion


The course content meets the requirements of the CAA, EASA, FAA, and other regulatory bodies worldwide.

Our CRM recurrent training fully complies with the EASA requirements as stated in part ORO.FC.115 for pilots and part ORO.CC.115 for cabin crew.

The course content and case studies can be customised to meet the needs of your operation.

We offer both in-person, instructor-led training at our facility in the heart of Copenhagen and instructor-led training in a virtual classroom.

For commercial operations, some regulatory bodies require in-person training. Please contact us for further information.

Whether you join us virtually or in person, we ensure that our lessons are engaging and provide a captivating learning experience.

The course is designed for pilots, cabin crew, and dispatch who need to renew their CRM certification.

Our CRM recurrent training is offered on demand. For more information or to request a personalised quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive certification.

NaviMinds is the market’s leading provider of crew resource management (CRM) and human factors training. Since 1987, we have partnered with airlines and aviation organizations worldwide, ensuring that our facilitators bring extensive experience and expertise.

We are proud recipients of numerous prestigious awards, including “Most Innovative Training Provider,” “Best Human Factors Consulting Firm,” and “Best Crew Resource Management Training Provider” for multiple years. 

Meet your instructors

Anne Soelvsteen teaching

Anne Sølvsteen

CEO & Founder

Anne’s career began as a Cabin Attendant in 1987. She became a Flight Instructor in 1994 and later served as a First Officer at Maersk Air and Sterling Airlines. Anne also served as a Simulator Flight Instructor and was Captain on the 737 fleet at Primera Air A/S. She also held the positions of Deputy Safety Officer and Chief of Human Factors Training.

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