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+ Main topic: Teamwork and leadership

+ Related topics: human error and reliability; co-operation; problem-solving; effective communication

+ Training length:  20 – 30 minutes (including debrief)

+ Included: exercise instructions, trainer information sheet, briefing and debriefings instructions, a 10-foot-long- Helium stick that folds for easy transportation and assembly

+ Number of participants: 8 – 14 participants per helium stick

+ Shipping: We ship your products within 5 working days.

Additional information

This HELIUM STICK team-building exercise is a deceptively simple but powerful exercise for learning about teamwork and effective leadership. The HELIUM STICK activity will help you deliver a valuable training course and lesson.

The Rules

In this team-building exercise, you must organize your team into groups of 8 to 14 people. The aim is for participants to hold a helium stick at chest height and lower it to the ground. Each participant’s fingers must always be in contact with the Helium Stick. They may not pinch or grab the stick – it must rest on the index fingers.

As soon as the teams start touching the stick, it becomes apparent how challenging this game really is. The stick is incredibly light – in fact, the force from each finger trying to stay in contact is enough to cause it to elevate. The challenge is finding a solution that prevents the stick from flying off.

The objectives

As a trainer, paying close attention to how your group participants react is essential. People may point fingers and blame each other, creating a tense and unproductive environment. That’s why the HELIUM STICK exercise can be so valuable for building stronger teams. By instilling a sense of teamwork through questions like “How can we come up with another strategy?” participants can work together to successfully bring the stick to the ground.

You will focus on enhancing participants’ ability to set achievable goals and develop a process for reaching them.

We include a thorough facilitator guide with detailed set-up instructions, debriefing instructions, and suggestions on learning areas of focus to help you deliver the key learning points.

You can with great benefit, use the HELIUM STICK TEAM BUILDING with our lesson plan on leadership.

Note: This publication is licensed for in-house training. Under no circumstances may it be used for commercial purposes. 

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