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+ Main topic: Threat and error management

+ Related topics: Decision-making; time management; leadership; task fixation; effective communication

+ Training length:  50 – 70 minutes (including debrief)

+ Included: A2 sized magnetic board, magnetic game pieces, playing cards, trainer booklet, nylon carrier with shoulder strap for easy transport

+ Number of participants: 2 – 20 participants

+ Shipping: We ship your products within 5 working days.

Additional information

STRATEGICS© is an interactive exercise that deepens participants’ understanding and acceptance of the need to recognise and manage threats and errors continuously.

In STRATEGICS©, participants will practice establishing an effective decision-making process by working together.

Each participant will receive one or more game pieces. Each game piece will have a different shape and colour. Participants must then place all of the game pieces on the game board. By establishing effective communication and practising a structured decision-making process, participants must navigate around the board to manage the threats and errors that the game board presents.

Participants will gain real-life practice in establishing an effective and structured decision-making process. They will work with models such as TDODAR, FORDEC and DECIDE to experience how a structured decision-making process will heighten their ability to manage threats and errors.

Our STRATEGICS© exercise is designed for Crew Resource Management and Human Factors training. It is versatile and ideal for bringing together different groups of personnel, e.g. cabin crew, flight deck crew, technicians, engineers, office staff and managers. The group exercise is equally well-suited for other industries such as healthcare, offshore (oil and gas), maritime, or any other sector where safety is closely linked to effective decision-making and cooperation between team members.

STRATEGICS© can, with great benefit, be used together with our lesson plan on decision-making.

Note: This exercise is licensed for in-house training. Under no circumstances may it be used for commercial purposes.

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