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+ Main topic: Effective communication and coordination

+ Related topics: Workload management; cooperation; personality awareness; attitudes and behaviours; self-assessment and self-critique; human performance and limitations; (shared) information acquisition and processing

+ Training length:  60 – 70 minutes

+ Included: 3 different sets of cards (print and laminate yourself), PowerPoint slides, Trainer instructions for exercise, lesson plan with instructor notes

+ Number of participants: 2 – 16 per card set (up to 48 participants working in 3 different groups)

+ Access: Instant download after payment

Additional information

FRAMEWORK© will challenge participants’ ability to establish effective communication and have them reflect on how their behaviours and attitudes affect the success of a task.

Our FRAMEWORK© exercise offers a unique set-up where participants will enhance their comprehension of working collaboratively and sharpen their communication and listening skills.

In this exercise, participants must solve different tasks. Each participant is given one or more cards with different pieces of information. Each card contains essential information. The group must manage through listening and communicating to solve the tasks within the allotted time frame. The group must not write anything down (at least not for the first half), so they need to identify other ways of remembering and sorting essential information.

The exercise will ignite confusion and allow different behaviours and attitudes to emerge. FRAMEWORK© is ideal for spotting different personality types displayed during the group’s discussion.

You can with great benefit use FRAMEWORK© together with the Personality awareness and self-assessment lesson plan. Alternatively, you can also use it with our lesson plan on effective communication and listening.

Note: This exercise is licensed for in-house training. You may not use it for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

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