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+ Main topic: Teamwork and synergy; effective communication

+ Related topics: Decision-making; leadership; time management; stress and stress management; planning and coordination; shared mental modelling

+ Training length:  60 minutes

+ Included:

+ Number of participants: 4 – 20 participants

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Challenge participants on their ability to work together efficiently and to establish effective communication when under pressure.

A-TEAM© will trigger participants to reflect on their behaviour in a group and how it influences teamwork and productivity. Participants will face the consequences when communication breaks down. They must reflect on the factors impairing their ability to make sound decisions.

Participants will experience first-hand how strongly assumptions can influence the decisions we make and how easily we start “filling in the gaps” ourselves rather than gathering the information available to us.

We designed our A-TEAM© exercise for Crew Resource Management and Human Factors training. It is ideal for bringing together different groups of personnel, e.g., cabin crew, flight deck crew, technicians and managers. Other industries, such as healthcare, offshore, maritime, or any other sector where safety is closely linked to effective teamwork, equally benefit from this exercise.

We can customize the board to suit your organization’s needs for an additional fee.

Note: This exercise is licensed for in-house training. You may not use it for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

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