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+ Main topic: Team synergy

+ Related topics: cooperation and teamwork; decision-making

+ Training length:  30 – 50 minutes (including debrief)

+ Included: exercise instructions, trainer information sheet, briefing and debriefings instructions

+ Number of participants: 3 – 20 participants

+ Access: Instant download after payment

Please note you can also access the exercise when buying our “Team Synergy” lesson plan. 

Additional information

The DELPHI method is a famous and well-known method, initially developed by Olaf Helmer and Norman Dalkey in the 1950s.

The DELPHI method is an excellent tool for examining participants’ decision-making processes and the factors influencing them. We include a new spin to the DELPHI method, so it truly highlights the power team synergy has on performance and challenges participants’ ability to consider input from others in their decision-making process.

In this exercise, participants must answer how many LEGO bricks they believe to be in a jar – their answers are kept secret from the others. You reveal the median score after each round. Participants can then decide to change their answer to a higher or lower number – or stick with their original number. You stop the process after a predefined stop criterion, and the median score of the final round determines the outcome.

The DELPHI method will challenge students’ views on their contributions to team synergy. It is an eye-opener to the decision-making process and how the flow of information – or the lack of flow – shapes the outcome.

Our twist to the otherwise classic method makes it easily applicable for training personnel in various safety-critical industries. We also include thorough debriefing instructions to help you deliver the key learning points.

Note: For the group activity, you must acquire a see-through jar or container with several Lego bricks, pasta screws or others.  

Note: This exercise is licensed for in-house training. Under no circumstances may it be used for commercial purposes. 

Note: NaviMinds cannot confer the video clips referred to in this exercise. Instead, we provide instructions on how to find them on channels such as YouTube. If you experience any issues, feel free to contact us.

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