Team synergy – with interactive group activity


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+ Main topic: Team synergy

+ Related topics: Decision-making; leadership; effective communication and coordination between all crew members; authority gradients.

+ Training length:  50 – 60 minutes

+ Included: Student handout, group exercise, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides

+ Access: Instant download after payment

+ File formats: Pdf and PowerPoint

Additional information

Our lesson plan on Team Synergy examines the benefits of a synergistic approach. The lesson comes with group work and a simple, yet eye-opening group activity designed to demonstrate the results of team synergy.

Student handouts will heighten students’ learning of the difference between groupthink and team synergy and the impacts each may have. You will discuss behaviours that can create groupthink and review a real-life case where groupthink led to a severe accident. Students will also learn to recognise behaviours that will help foster team synergy.

We include a highly efficient group activity designed to challenge your student’s views on their contributions to team synergy. It is an eye-opener to the decision-making process and how the flow of information – or the lack of flow – shapes the outcome. It highlights the clear benefits of creating a synergistic approach. With the exercise, we include thorough debriefing instructions to help ensure you deliver the key learning points.

Lastly, the lesson plan will go through the concept of authority gradients and how these may impact our ability to establish team synergy.

Note: For the group activity, you must acquire a see-through jar or container with several Lego bricks, pasta screws or others. 

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