Team synergy – with interactive group activity


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Unlock the power of collaboration with our Team Synergy Training lesson plan. This comprehensive training material is designed to help you facilitate an engaging and insightful session on the benefits of team synergy and the pitfalls of groupthink.

+ Main topic: Team synergy

+ Related topics: Decision-making; leadership; effective communication and coordination between all crew members; authority gradients.

+ Training length:  50 – 60 minutes

+ Included: Student handout, group exercise, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides

+ Access: Instant download after payment

+ File formats: Pdf and PowerPoint

Additional information

Lesson highlights

Interactive Group Activity

Engage participants with a practical exercise to demonstrate the outcomes of team synergy.

Comprehensive Coverage

This lesson plan includes extensive training material focused on the essential aspects of communication and listening.

Scientific Insights

Present research on how team dynamics and authority gradients influence decision-making.

Real-life Case Study

Discuss a well-known instance of groupthink leading to a severe accident, emphasizing the importance of fostering team synergy.

Practical Application

Explore behaviours that foster team synergy and strategies to avoid groupthink.

Ideal for Diverse Industries

While tailored for Crew Resource Management (CRM) training, this lesson plan is equally suitable for a wide range of safety-critical industries where non-technical skills are crucial.

What you'll learn

Team synergy: the concept and team synergy benefits

Groupthink: definition, causes, and consequences

Decision-making: processes in teams

Effective communication and leadership

Authority gradients: definition and their impact on team dynamics

Training materials included

Lesson Plan

Comprehensive guide with trainer’s notes to support a confident and effective delivery.

  • Synergy vs. Groupthink: Detailed comparison and discussion prompts.
  • Delphi Exercise Instructions: Step-by-step guide to facilitate a group activity demonstrating decision-making processes.
Video Clip Instructions

Guidance on locating relevant video clips on platforms like YouTube to enhance the learning experience.

Examine Decision-Making

The Delphi exercise helps participants understand the factors influencing their decisions and the importance of considering input from others.

Enhance Team Synergy

The exercise emphasizes how collective intelligence can enhance performance.


Enhanced Learning Points

This version includes additional elements to explore participants’ willingness to integrate others’ input into their decisions.

Special feature: The "Delphi" exercise

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This lesson plan provides everything you need to deliver a compelling and insightful training session on team synergy.


Please be aware that the lesson plan included in this purchase is also available within our Crew Resource Management Trainer Manual Edition 2.


In-House Use Only: This publication is licensed strictly for in-house training and is not to be used for commercial purposes.


Video Clip Guidance: While NaviMinds cannot provide the video clips referenced in the lesson plan, clear instructions on how to locate them are included. Our support team is always available to assist with any issues.

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