Operator’s safety culture and company culture


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+ Main topic: Operator’s safety culture and company culture, and cultural differences

+ Related topics: Organisational factors and standard operating procedures (SOPs); individual and team responsibilities; communication; attitudes and behaviours; authority gradients

+ Training length: 60 – 70 minutes

+ Included: 2x student handouts, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides

+ Access: Instant download after payment

+ File formats: Pdf and PowerPoint

Additional information

Our lesson on operator’s safety culture and company culture gives you and your students a deeper understanding of the link between company culture, cultural differences and operational safety.

We investigate what a safety culture is and identify the factors that either build or deter a strong safety culture. To heighten student learning, the lesson plan offers a real-life scenario where a “poor” safety culture was present and the consequences thereof.

During this lesson, students will learn what authority gradient and power distance mean and their impact on safety. Students must reflect on their and others’ attitudes and how each may deter or help build a strong safety culture.

The lesson plan delivers fascinating insight into research that suggests a strong relationship between national culture, power distance and aviation safety. This is a highly interactive lesson likely to create much debate among your students.

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