COMMON WORD© – Student favourite


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+ Main topic: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

+ Related topics: Decision-making; information acquisition and processing; teamwork and cooperation

+ Training length:  50 – 70 minutes (including debrief)

+ Included: 6 common word set, trainer information sheet, briefing and debriefing instructions

+ Number of participants: 4 – 10 participants per word set (with the option of more participants, if more than one trainer available)

+ Access: Instant download after payment

Additional information

COMMON WORD© is a unique and highly impactful group exercise that lets participants experience the importance of adhering to Standard Operating Procedures.

Our COMMON WORD© exercise is a valuable training tool that focuses on the importance of following procedures. By using a standard set of rules (SOPs), participants will learn how to increase operational safety and efficiency. Participants will gain hands-on experience creating procedures throughout the exercise and given valuable tools to ensure everyone understands and follows procedures.

In this exercise, we give each participant a word card. They must then find the common word which appears on all word cards. However, they must follow several rules regarding their communication, including the requirement that they communicate only through writing. We include thorough debriefing instructions to help you provide an impactful debriefing and ensure you pass on the key learning points.

We design the COMMON WORD© exercise for Crew Resource Management and Human Factors training. Various industries, where safety closely links to knowing and adhering to Standard Operating Procedures, find it ideal.

You can with great benefit, use our COMMON WORD© exercise, together with our lesson plan on standard operating procedures.

Note: This exercise is licensed for in-house training. You may not use it for commercial purposes under any circumstances. 

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