Questioning and intervention techniques – with Group Exercise


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+ Main topic: Effective communication and coordination between all crew members

+ Related topics: Individual and team responsibilities; decision-making; team behaviour synergy; co-operation

+ Training length: 20 – 40 minutes

+ Included: 6x group work scenarios, group exercise, Instructor information sheet, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides

+ Access: Instant download after payment

+ File formats: Pdf and PowerPoint

Additional information

An increased awareness of the questions we ask can help improve our communication – and perhaps even operational safety.

In this lesson, students will be challenged on their ability to communicate via open questions. While most know the difference between an open and a closed question, few are skilled at actively using them.

The lesson plan offers an interactive group exercise highlighting the impact and effectiveness an open question carries and, vice versa, the risks of limiting communication to closed questions.

Furthermore, the materials included offer six group work scenarios. These group work scenarios will require students to reflect on the impact a closed question will have. The purpose is to provide students with thorough practice in establishing effective communication by using open questioning techniques to their advantage.

The group work scenarios and exercises can be linked to most Crew Resource Management and Human Factors topics.

Note: This publication is licensed for in-house training. Under no circumstances may it be used for commercial purposes.

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