Automation, monitoring and intervention


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Enhance your training programs with our detailed lesson plan on Automation, Monitoring, and Intervention. In this lesson, we assess the role of pilot flying and pilot monitoring. We look at the four levels of automation and statistics related to different monitoring aspects.

+ Main topic: Automation, monitoring and intervention

+ Related topics: Human performance and limitations; co-operation; effective communication; and coordination between all crew members

+ Training length: 40 – 45 minutes

+ Included: Intervention case study (for flight deck crew), automation questionnaire, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides, extra notes for the trainer

+ Access: Instant download after payment

+ File formats: Pdf and PowerPoint

Additional information

Lesson highlights:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This lesson plan includes extensive training material focused on the essential aspects of automation, monitoring, and intervention.
  • Plug-and-Play: Easily implement the provided lesson plans with fully guided trainer notes, ensuring a seamless training experience.
  • Interactive Components: Use questionnaires, intervention scenarios, and group activities to promote active participation and engagement.
  • Expert Insights: Leverage insights and quotes from renowned experts like Dr. Ute Fischer to deepen understanding of intervention levels and communication strategies.


Topics covered:

  • Automation: Explore the definition and implications of automation in the flight deck.
  • Monitoring: Investigate the role of monitoring in maintaining operational safety and performance. In this lesson, we also explore factors that might hinder our ability to monitor effectively, such as human attention span and experience.
  • Intervention: Work with different intervention scenarios where you and your participants can practice effective interventions, address issues in a timely manner, and receive interventions constructively.


Training materials included:

  • Handouts: Ready-to-distribute materials for students to enhance their learning.
  • PowerPoint Slides: Comprehensive slides to guide the training sessions.
  • Exercises and Scenarios: Practical activities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world contexts.
  • Video Clip Suggestions: Recommendations for relevant video clips on platforms like YouTube.


Our lesson plan on Automation, Monitoring, and Intervention is designed to raise your CRM training standards and provide a fresh and innovative approach.


In-House Use Only: This publication is licensed strictly for in-house training and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

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