Stress and stress management


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Discover our practical and comprehensive lesson plan on stress and stress management. This training material is designed to help you facilitate an engaging and informative session on identifying, understanding, and managing stress.

+ Main topic: Stress and stress management

+ Related topics: Workload management; information acquisition and processing; self-assessment and self-critique; resilience development and mental flexibility; distractions

+ Training length:  50 minutes

+ Included: Student handout, stress test, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides, background information for the instructor

+ Access: Instant download after payment

+ File formats: Pdf and PowerPoint

Additional information

Lesson highlights:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This lesson plan includes extensive training material focused on the essential aspects of stress and stress management.
  • Group Activities: Facilitate discussions and group work to encourage sharing of experiences and solutions.
  • Scientific Insights: Present scientific studies on the effects of stress and methods to combat it.
  • Real-life Applications: Explore practical tips and techniques for managing stress in daily life.
  • Ideal for Diverse Industries: While tailored for Crew Resource Management (CRM) training, this lesson plan is equally suitable for a wide range of safety-critical industries where non-technical skills are crucial.


Topics covered:

  • Understanding stress: acute vs. long-term stress
  • Symptoms of physical, psychological, and behavioural stress
  • The impact of stress on the brain and body
  • Effective stress management techniques
  • Self-care methods and lifestyle adjustments to reduce stress


Training materials included:

  • Lesson Plan: Detailed guide with trainer’s notes to support a confident and effective delivery.
  • Handouts:
    • Stress Test: A self-assessment tool to gauge physical, psychological, and behavioural stress symptoms.
    • Background Information: In-depth material on what happens in the brain and body when stressed and how to manage it.
  • Video Clip Instructions: Guidance on locating relevant video clips on platforms like YouTube to enhance the learning experience.


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This lesson plan provides everything you need to deliver a compelling and insightful training session on stress and stress management.


In-House Use Only: This publication is licensed strictly for in-house training and is not to be used for commercial purposes.


Video Clip Guidance: While NaviMinds cannot provide the video clips referenced in the lesson plan, clear instructions on how to locate them are included. Our support team is always available to assist with any issues.

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