Human Factors for Aviation Maintenance Trainer Manual – Edition 2 (Digital)


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+ Language: English

+ Page numbers: 277

+ Publication date:  06-03-2023

+ Format: Pdf – Instant download after payment

+ Included: Student handout, group exercise, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides, background information for the instructor

+ Chapters: Chapter 0: Instructional & Facilitation Techniques; Chapter 1: General Introduction to Human Factors; Chapter 2: Safety Culture/Organisational Factors; Chapter 3: Human Error; Chapter 4: Human Performance & Limitations; Chapter 5: Environment; Chapter 6: Procedures, Information, Tools, Practices; Chapter 7: Communication; Chapter 8: Teamwork; Chapter 9: Professionalism & Integrity; Chapter 10: Organisations Human Factors Programme; Chapter 11: Instructions for Group Exercises.

+ Download chapter one: Click here

Additional information

Introducing our latest Human Factors Trainer Manual for Aviation Maintenance, designed as a digital all-in-one solution to elevate your training programs. This manual is packed with plug-and-play lesson plans, relevant theories and statistics, and real-life scenarios from aviation maintenance personnel.

Lesson highlights

Innovative Approach

Our manual brings a fresh perspective to human factors training for maintenance, ensuring your program stays current and impactful.

EASA Complian

Meets content requirements as stated in EASA Part-145.

Expert Trainer Tips

Enhance your confidence and preparedness with actionable advice from seasoned professionals. These tips can be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s course program, regardless of its size.

What you'll learn

Human Factors: introduction to Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance, best practices and tools to support human factors initiatives

Experiential learning techniques for impactful human factors training

Safety culture: development and implementation

Human error: understanding and mitigating 

HPL: factors influencing human performance and limitations

Maintenance environment: physical and psychological aspects 

SOP: adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Communication: overcoming communication barriers

Teamwork: enhancing teamwork and individual responsibility, instructions for effective group activities

Fostering professionalism and integrity

Training materials included

12 Comprehensive Chapters

Providing extensive background information.

Fully Guided Lesson Plans

For seamless training sessions.

Complete PowerPoint Presentations

Ready for immediate use.

Relevant Case Studies

To enrich your training with practical examples.

Student Handouts

For effective learning.

Engaging Group Exercises

Tto foster teamwork and practical application. 

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In-House Use Only: This publication is licensed strictly for in-house training and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

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