Human Factors for Aviation Maintenance Trainer Manual – Edition 2 – Paperback + Digital


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+ Language: English

+ Page numbers: 277

+ Publication date:  06-03-2023

+ Format: Paperback

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+ Included: Student handout, group exercise, lesson plan with instructor notes, PowerPoint slides, background information for the instructor, link for digital download

+ Download chapter one: Click here

Additional information

Our newest human factors trainer manual for aviation maintenance comes with plug-and-play lesson plans, relevant theories and statistics, and real-life scenarios from aviation maintenance personnel – a complete all-in-one solution for your human factors training.

Our human factors manual for aviation maintenance meets all EASA requirements, as stated in Part-145. We include ten chapters with extensive background information, fully guided lesson plans, complete PowerPoint presentations, suggestions for relevant case studies, student handouts, and a selection of our engaging group exercises.

Our Human factors manual for aviation maintenance offers a fresh and innovative approach to conducting human factors training so that you can take your training standards to new, exciting levels. We pack our manual with expert trainer tips to help you feel confident and better prepared to facilitate the various subjects. Whether you’re part of a large cooperation or a small team, you can easily integrate all trainer tips into your organisation’s course programme.

The skills and lessons taught cover:
  • How to incorporate experiential learning for delivering impactful human factors training
  • Best practices and tools for supporting human factors training in your organisation
  • General introduction to Human Factors in aviation maintenance
  • The advent of safety culture and how to work with it today
  • The inevitable nature of human error: embracing and mitigating errors
  • Factors to consider in human performance and limitations
  • Features in the physical and psychological maintenance environment
  • Adhering to SOPs: Why crews do not always follow them
  • Communication barriers and how to reduce them
  • Teamwork and individual responsibility
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Instructions for group activities

Our trainer manual for human factors for aviation maintenance is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking to deliver practical and impactful human factors training.

 Note: This publication is licensed for in-house training. Under no circumstances may it be used for commercial purposes. 

 Note: NaviMinds cannot confer the video clips referred to in this manual. Instead, we provide instructions on how to find them on channels such as YouTube. If you experience any issues, feel free to contact us.

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